Ecology, Data Analysis, and Pen Pals

I’ve been poking around online looking for interesting projects involving data analysis, and I’ve come across some write ups of projects involving cemetery demography.  There’s a lot of potential here – it’s an interesting intersection of ecology, medical science, and social studies.  And, from a practical point of view, the appeal of a biology field … More Ecology, Data Analysis, and Pen Pals

High School Biology: Modelling Organelles

Most organelles are far too small and colorless to see with student microscopes and they’re very difficult to study even with professional equipment.  As a practical matter, high school students can’t do many direct experiments with organelles.  However, it is important for them to have a solid understanding of the structure and function of the … More High School Biology: Modelling Organelles

Sweet Student Gift

Last year, one of my students gave me an adorable knitted stingray.  She made it to use as a prop during her poster presentation on stingrays.  Do I have the absolute best students?  It’s definitely possible.

High School Biology: Transpiration Experiment

In science classes, students should be doing experiments.  Not just “cook book” experiments, but real inquiry.  These photos are from an experiment some of my high school biology students designed to investigate transpiration in pansies. One of the exciting things about student-designed experiments is how often students develop genuinely interesting ideas to test.  In this … More High School Biology: Transpiration Experiment

Elementary Physical Science: Building Vehicles and Teamwork

One of my favorite units for elementary school students is Motion and Design by STC.  I took quite a few photos during the last lesson of the unit when I taught it last spring.  I particularly like how the photos illustrate the collaborative nature of the work that the students did.  This represents a major … More Elementary Physical Science: Building Vehicles and Teamwork