Elementary Science: Reflections on Food Chemistry

My elementary class that is studying food chemistry is approaching the end of the unit.  The students learned to test foods for starch, glucose, protein, and fat.  They built paper molecules showing highly simplified structures for each of these types of molecule and they wrote short essays talking about what foods they would bring with … More Elementary Science: Reflections on Food Chemistry

Beast Academy Math

My experience with the Beast Academy math books is limited, which isn’t surprising, since it’s such a new series that some of the books haven’t even been published yet.  I hesitate to go out on a limb about a curriculum I’m not fully familiar with, but so far I love these books.  They are playful … More Beast Academy Math

Materials Management: The Mini-Pond

It might seem counter-intuitive, but keeping some stocks of living organisms around can make materials management for biology classes much easier.  One of my favorite tools is a mini-pond that I keep on a windowsill. It is a simple lidded plastic box (originally a small animal carrier) without any filters, pumps, heaters, or artificial lights.  … More Materials Management: The Mini-Pond