Global Climate Change

This morning I got an email from NSTA (National Science Teachers Association) about how science teachers perceive and teach climate change.  They linked to a worthwhile article in Science that reports on how American teachers are addressing this topic. The short version is that science teachers are mostly pretty well informed about climate change and … More Global Climate Change

Regents Earth Science: Engineering Challenge

As part of our earthquake unit, I had my Earth science classes try to build “earthquake” resistant structures out of toothpicks and masking tape.  Different groups had different substrates to build in – dry sand, wet sand, or dough – to model the effects of different types of ground on building stability during earthquakes. From … More Regents Earth Science: Engineering Challenge

Regents Earth Science: Studying Hurricanes During Hurricane Season

My Earth science classes are well into their study of weather and climate.  I’m using a (very exciting) curriculum called “Catastrophic Events” so we’re spending quite a bit of time thinking about tornadoes and hurricanes.  Especially hurricanes.  Hurricane Joaquin is heading towards NYC.  It will probably not hit New York City directly, but we’ll almost … More Regents Earth Science: Studying Hurricanes During Hurricane Season