High School Biology: The Immune System

As part of my SAT-level high school biology classes study of the immune system, the students grew bacterial cultures taken from their bodies.  This was an extremely simple experiment and only took a small amount of class time. Each student got two commercially prepared petri dishes with bacterial growth medium, and divided each petri dish … More High School Biology: The Immune System

High School Biology: The Nervous System

This series of lessons is for my SAT level biology class.  As you can see from the bibliography, I have drawn from a wide variety of resources to create a well-balanced unit that includes guided exploration, inquiry, model-building, and learning from original research done by others. I have found that the peer-review process can create … More High School Biology: The Nervous System

Regents Earth Science: Weathering Labs

There are a wealth of good weathering labs that teachers have already created and posted online.  I don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel; I’d rather spend my time and energy on things that will measurable benefit my students.  For this series of weathering experiments, I start out using a fairly standard, non-inquiry lab that I … More Regents Earth Science: Weathering Labs

High School Biology: Transpiration Experiment

In science classes, students should be doing experiments.  Not just “cook book” experiments, but real inquiry.  These photos are from an experiment some of my high school biology students designed to investigate transpiration in pansies. One of the exciting things about student-designed experiments is how often students develop genuinely interesting ideas to test.  In this … More High School Biology: Transpiration Experiment

Elementary School Science: Introduction to pH

This is a short unit that I’ve used to introduce upper elementary school students to pH and, more broadly, the concept of chemical testing.  It is strongly influenced by the charming publication Of Cabbages and Chemistry by Jacqueline Barber.  My teaching periods are quite long, so although I’ve organized this unit into three lessons most teachers … More Elementary School Science: Introduction to pH