Fantasy Field Trip: Fossils

I’ve done loads of field trips, and I love them.  My first teaching job was with at the New Explorers High School in the Bronx – the theme of that school could essentially be summed up with the phrase “field trip.”  I don’t remember how many school trips I participated in and/or led that year, but since we went on a trip more than once per month, it was a substantial number.  That was a long time ago, but since then, I’ve led trips with homeschool classes and summer camp groups.  I’ve also tagged along as an extra adult on field trips led by friends who are teachers.

Museums, walking tours, sampling rivers… these are all well and good.  But what I REALLY want to do is take a group of students to a fossil quarry.  This article in the New York Times reminded me of this longstanding ambition.  Unfortunately, fossil hunting with students is beyond my current logistical abilities… but perhaps one day I’ll be at a school that has the ability and desire to support such a trip.


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