Middle School STEAM: Mobius Strip Art

My middle school STEAM class did a short project exploring mathematical patterns found in Mobius strips recently.  For homework I asked the students to make an art piece using a Mobius strip.  Some of the results were rather nice.

mobius strips 6 mobius strips 5 mobius strips 4 mobius strips 3

Unfortunately, the two best pieces photographed too poorly for me to post.  One was a silver duct tape Mobius strip crown and the other was an extremely well-crafted Mobius strip formed out of interlocking paper chevrons.

Taken as a whole, the class has a lot to learn about quality craftsmanship and presentation.  This isn’t really surprising since the class skews young (most students are 6th graders) and has a substantial number of unschoolers.  It’s an enthusiastic group though, and I’m optimistic that positive reinforcement and some healthy competition will lead to rapid improvements.


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