Regents Earth Science: Studying Hurricanes During Hurricane Season

My Earth science classes are well into their study of weather and climate.  I’m using a (very exciting) curriculum called “Catastrophic Events” so we’re spending quite a bit of time thinking about tornadoes and hurricanes.  Especially hurricanes.  Hurricane Joaquin is heading towards NYC.  It will probably not hit New York City directly, but we’ll almost certainly see some weather produced by the storm.

The last time I taught this curriculum, we had a visit from Sandy.  That was a hands-on learning experience I hope to never repeat.

Teaching about hurricanes during hurricane season is a distinctly emotional experience.  It certainly makes the relevance of science intensely obvious.  Although this topic can be scary at this time of year, I think it is very helpful for students to get the tools they need to really understand and interpret the information they hear about storms.


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