A Job Offer I Wish I Could Have Accepted

It’s not every day that I’m offered a job that I haven’t even applied for, but it happened today.  A local high school is looking for another rowing coach on short notice because they were overwhelmed by freshman eager to participate in the sport.  I know one of the school’s current coaches, and he asked me if I’d like to take on a couple of boats of new teenage rowers.

I would love to be in the coach’s launch this fall, teaching kids the fundamentals of my favorite sport.  And, since it is a part-time job, I could theoretically coach while teaching my daytime home school classes.  However, the team meets after school during prime tutoring hours, and I have already made commitments to students for the fall.  Sadly, I had to turn the job down.  As tempting as this opportunity to get on the water is, I’m just not comfortable breaking my commitments to students I’ve already taken on.

Oh well, maybe another year.

Rowing 8


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